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Clothing Guide for Family Portraits

  1. Solid colors are often best. Stay away from loud patterns or stripes – soft prints are ok.
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Solid colors are often best.


  1. Long sleeves are preferred. This will help you look slimmer AND when you look at your portrait you will see you face first…not your arms!


  1. Dress head to toe. This gives your photographer more options when you are photographed. And guys…don’t wear white socks!


  1. Generally, medium to dark colors work best on everyone. If the whole family is wearing darker colors and one person is wearing a lighter color, or a loud pattern, that will be the first thing you see when you look at your portraits. Keep the focus on your faces!


  1. Try this clothing test…get everyone’s outfits together and lay them out on the floor or bed in front of you. Now close your eyes for a few seconds. When you open them, if your eyes are continually drawn towards one outfit, consider replacing that one with something else. You want all of the clothing in the portrait to be equal and non-distracting.


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