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As a high school senior, having senior portraits taken is your opportunity to make a statement all about who YOU are as a person!

At Gregory’s, we strive to make your session fun, easy and unique. We want to hear your ideas and incorporate your thoughts into your session so the portraits we create for you are the very best representation of exactly who you are! Whether in our studio, outdoors in our scenery park, or on-location someplace special, Gregory’s can give you the images you are looking for.

We love to meet with all of our seniors before their session at our FREE, pre-session consultation. Here, you’ll meet with one of our portrait consultants. You can tour our studio and we can show you samples of our work. And then, we can discuss your DREAM portrait! We’ll go over clothing and makeup suggestions, who and what to include in your session, and we can answer any questions you may have. Feel free to bring magazine images you love, your Pinterest app, or any other examples of the type of image you feel represents the real you!

As always, we guarantee you will love your portraits! We wouldn’t settle for anything less! 

Sarah – Wayland Academy

“My session was fun. My portraits reflected who I am really well. They were simple, fun, easy and turned out great! Thank you, Gregory’s!”


Parent, Nancy: “There were lots of different options for Sarah’s portraits. Greg will take the time to work with you!”

David – Crivitz High School 

“I came to Gregory’s because I wanted the best quality possible. The photos were clear and bright and the session was very nice. Everything was explained and done well! Come to Gregory’s!

Parents Darlene & John: “Greg really captured our son’s personality. He made him feel confident and that showed through in every photo. The photos were so great it was hard to choose between them!”

Matt – Peshtigo High School 

“I’ve been coming to Gregory’s for portraits my whole life. My session was fun, laid back and easy going. The lighting and photo editing is the best here. Not only do I like my portraits, but I also had a good time getting them done!”

Parent, Julie: “We like how relaxed and comfortable everything was. I would recommend Gregory’s to another parent looking for a senior portrait photographer.”

Matthew & Brennan – Oconto High School 

Matthew: “I liked the nature scenes and the backgrounds. My portraits turned out very nice!”

Brennan: “Having my photos done by a professional was a good experience and was cost effective.”

Parent, Shelley: “We really liked Gregory’s professionalism and different settings!”

Katie – Marinette High School 

“My family has been coming here since I was little. I loved how natural the scenery was. My portraits looked awesome! Greg was very friendly and I had a fun time during my session. Gregory’s is the best – they do the best work and are very friendly!”

Ian – Peshtigo High School 

“I came to Gregory’s because my sister had come here and my family was happy with her photos. I loved everything about my portraits, especially the quality finish. I strongly suggest getting portraits done here.”

Parent, Jennifer: “Ian’s portraits were very professionally done. Gregory’s made it very easy to be able to choose from the final selection of photos even though they were ALL nice!”

Drake – Marinette High School 

“I heard Gregory’s was a good place to go. My session was easy going and interesting and there was a lot of variety. I was impressed!”

Parent, Troy: “My favorite part was all the variety offered. Gregory’s is a good place to go.”

Jordan – Crivitz High School 

“I like Gregory’s sets. My session was fun. I recommend others go to Gregory’s for very good quality and friendly people. This is your last year in high school! Why settle for good enough when it could be GREAT!”

Parent, Heather: “Our experience was very professional. Gregory’s does a fantastic job!”

Arianna – Coleman High School 

“I loved that my portraits actually looked like me and didn’t make me look fake. The session was fast and we got everything done in great time! Don’t settle for good enough. Do what you think will look GREAT! You’ll love Gregory’s!”


Parents, Sheila & Chris: “Her personality shows through her pictures. Greg was very easy to work with during the photo session. Thank you!”

Phillip – Peshtigo High School

“My session went well. I was really comfortable with Greg. The backgrounds were nice, Greg is nice, and the quality and professionalism is better here than if I had gone to someone who wasn’t as experienced.”


Parent Aimee: “We liked the variety. Greg was very friendly and made us comfortable throughout the whole process.”

Gina – Menominee High School

“My session with Greg was enjoyable and relaxed. I liked the different angles and lighting. I wouldn’t do anything differently. I would recommend getting your portraits professionally done. It’s fun, plus you get great photos!”

Parent, Gene: “I liked the care and pride in their work shown by Gregory’s. I’m very happy. Thank you!”

Megan – Oconto High School

“I liked my session a lot and would definitely come back! The backgrounds were neat and different. I could use any props and I got a lot of photos. Gregory’s is definitely a good place to get your senior portraits done!”

Parents, Krist & Paul: “From the time we walked in we were graciously welcomed. The settings are unique, giving you many options to choose from. My daughter loves her senior pictures and we the parents have beautiful pictures to cherish forever.”